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Universal Switching Corporation G2 Series

The G2 series of rack mounted modular switching equipment is a cost-effective solution that provides unmatched performance and customisation. The modules cover frequencies from DC up to 50GHz and can be arranged in configurations from 1x2 up to 64x64. USC offers a huge range of modules that fit the G2 series, with new modules including MxN switching arrays (and 1xN types), fan-OUT, fan-IN, and 1:1 arrays, and more, to fit any solution.

The G2 series modules are easy to install, simply by sliding it into the rear module bay of a G2 rack. PSUs can be installed from the front of the rack, and can be single or redundant. The front panel opens for easy hot swapping of PSU modules. The mainframes can take hot swap C3 controllers. These LXI compliant CPUs provide control for the modules, as well as remote control through ethernet, USB, and multi-serial port. These can also be quickly and easily worked into secure solutions. The mainframe can also be controlled via the front panel, that can have a pushbutton interface or a touchscreen interface.

The switching modules that plug in to the series G2 mainframes install at the rear of the unit, allowing all the I/O ports to face the rear of the mainframe. This is best suited for most installations to simplify cabling solutions. Plug-in modules take up a number of "slots" in the mainframe unit, some occupying up to 16 slots for high speed digital switching. All of USC's products boast fantastic MTTR (mean time to repair) times due to their simple logistics and robust spare inventory.

The bottom line for the G2 series mainframe is that it is a robust, formidable, and highly configurable system backed by over 20 years of development. USC has a very nimble business model, allowing them to customise solutions in any way - the company has been designing and special building systems outside of standard specifications since it's inception in 1992. USC is the ultimate supplier for switching solutions.

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