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Delta complete flight test and mission solutions

Delta Information Systems (DIS) is an industry-leading supplier of high-quality telemetry products for flight test, missile test, range safety, launch support, and satellite command and control applications. DIS also designs and develops sophisticated electronic equipment designed to reliably operate in harsh conditions.

Delta's product lines address the complete telemetry chain - data acquisition, storage, transport, and distribution to telemetry processing and display. DIS customers include all US DoD entities, all major primes, integrators, aircraft and missile manufacturers, and launch facilities.

Delta has been a leader in the telemetry community for over 50 years, bringing a wealth of technical and application knowledge to their customers.

See attached images for diagrams referencing Delta's flight test solutions and full mission solutions - including critical video communication capability for manned and unmanned ISR programs.

Also available from Delta are training courses run to get users expertise on the nuances of these products. These courses are to support some of the smartest people in industry - literal rocket scientists. All courses are taught by the industry's leading experts with practical knowledge in their fields.

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