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Nextmove Technologies designs and manufacturers lightweight antenna positioners with low power consumption for both Satellite and Terrestrial Line of Sight applications. Every model comes standard with an embedded controller that communicates with on board sensors like GPS and Compass. Our software provides easy to use tools for acquiring, tracking, peaking, and maintaining a wide band radio link.


Our software communicates directly with microwave & millimeter wave radios, and satellite modems for closed loop tracking. Imagine having the ability to rapidly deploy wide band networks, maintain the highest Quality of Service remotely, place directional wide band communications on moving platforms for ship to shore or ship to ship communications solutions, or use millimeter wave radios that provide 40Gbps data rates for back haul at distances of up to 10 miles on cellular monopole towers. Save money and have more reliable wireless networks. All this is possible today with our antenna positioning solutions.


Are you ready for your next move?

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