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Offering Solutions That Work. Plain and Simple.

3dB Labs creates innovative engineering solutions across a variety of government industries. Our products are thoughtfully designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results.

3dB Labs was founded in 2004 by three engineers driven by the same desire: to maintain the highest quality customer relationships by consistently exceeding established expectations and never sacrificing quality for profit.

At 3dB Labs, we design, implement, and deliver solutions in engineering, signal processing, signal analysis, software development, and hardware manufacturing and development, using dynamic and multidisciplinary approaches.

3dB's SCEPTRE software and MONARCH systems provide state-of-the-art signal processing solutions for wideband de-Doppler, recording playback, and transmit. The versatile nature of the products allows for TLE-driven antenna positioner control, telemetry demodulation and bit breakout, remote monitoring, and plug-and-play architecture for rapid deployment and setup.

SCEPTRE is a customizable, remotable signal processing suite capable of real-time and offline spectrum and temporal analysis. SCEPTRE provides the tools necessary to quickly identify and exploit signals of interest.

MONARCH systems house SCEPTRE signal processing software and enable MONitoring and ARCHiving for a variety of applications. MONARCH systems are customizable to your needs and currently support a wide variety of receivers and digitizers from over a dozen manufacturers.

3dB Labs provides SCEPTRE software for signal collection, analysis, TSCM, and has plugins to cover a wide range of applications. SCEPTRE has become the standard for SIGINT collection and more applications in the US. We offer 3dB's full range of products with our local support and expert training.

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