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ECS offers a full line of factory direct transit products as well as the most advanced custom packaging solutions available today. Commercial-off-the-shelf products include rackmount enclosures, medical cases, weapons solutions, shipping, storage, drawer, and footlocker cases available on demand. Military rackmount cases were invented by ECS in 1969, and we continued to set the bar for rackmount usability, compact design, and high performance.


Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases now stack with every previous rackmount model and all Loadmaster® Transit Cases. Loadmaster® rotationally molded transit cases are completely modular in all dimensions. Cases of different sizes securely stack and interlock together for maximum stacking efficiency. Loadmaster® cases are ideal for use on 463L military pallets.


We manufacture all of our tooling, molds, and cushions for all the cases we build. Our company is a third generation family-owned business and our products are proudly made in America.

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