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DeepSig Inc. develops innovative software solutions for wireless communications using machine learning.  Our products leverage our unique neural network architectures to improve wireless performance, spectrum awareness, and signal processing design.  Adapting to the dynamic and complex nature of wireless links and environments, our software can be customized and optimized for many specific applications and requirements.

With decades’ worth of combined industry experience, our team of engineers, data scientists, and computer scientists have pioneered the field of deep learning for communications and are building and  influencing next generation systems and wireless standards.

Understanding the wireless spectrum environment in real time is vital for maintaining 5G network performance, detecting anomalous signals, preventing wireless intrusion, and optimizing spectrum utilization.

DeepSig’s machine learning-powered OmniSIG software provides best-in-class spectrum awareness across the wideband spectrum in real-time. Our AI/ML based spectrum sensing techniques provide state-of-the-art performance and reaction time for optimizing wireless networks and protecting from interference and security threats.

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