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TCS designs and manufactures sophisticated Tracking Antenna systems for the telemetry, communications, and intelligence marketplace. TCS specializes in flight test, range, launch support, flight termination, and satellite ground support applications for a number of branches of the military and large Primes.


In 1999, six engineers founded Telemetry & Communications Systems, Inc. (TCS) with the intent to bring the best products and services in the industry to their clients. We recognized from the beginning that to do this, we would have to revolutionize industry practices in the areas of design and automation, sales and support, and company organization. Our first system was a 6-meter Model XY system delivered to Malindi, Kenya. From there, we improved our pedestal designs, our hardware and software to become a key piece in the global telemetry infrastructure.

We based our designs on logical sub-systems, that could be used to both build our own solutions, but upgrade antenna systems previously made by other manufacturers. This gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and our technology to new customers with less risk than buying a brand-new system. Since then, TCS has delivered over 700 systems spanning the globe covering six continents. TCS technology provides feedback to customers when things are working well and when they require attention. It gives us the ability to respond to new customer requirements and aid when things need attention in the field.

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