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Acroamatics Model 2900AP

Acroamatics’ Model 2900AP Telemetry Data Processing system easily accommodate requirements that range from one to eight (8) IRIG 106 Chapter 4 Type 1 & 2 PCM stream decommutation, real-time EU processing, and analysis. Each individual telemetry input stream is definable as to its unique stream attributes, such as rate and format definition, lossless PCM format switching, conditional async embedded frame decommutation, packet protocol PCM processing (CCSDS) and merged low-latency EU and derived processing. COTS 2900AP hardware and system desktop management software deliver a uniquely powerful and flexible Windows application independent end-to-end low latency telemetry processing solution.

The Model 2900AP includes, but is not limited to, the following features

  • 1 to 16 PCM Stream Processor

  • Real-time, OS Independent Telemetry Processing

  • Card Level, Micro-coded Software Decommutation

  • Powerful real-time SHARC® DSP EU & Derived Processor

  • Network Extendable via integrated remote services

  • IRIG 106 standards – Ch 4 Class 1 & 2, Ch 8, CH10, CH9, TMATS, CVSD, CCSDS TMoIP

  • COTS Interfaces – include IADS, ILLIAD, DEWESoft, LabViews & MatLab

  • Advanced Real-time Raw and Processed Mission Data Recording

  • 50+ Mbps Decom, Bit Sync, PCM Simulator Data Rates and 50% faster card embedded Decom Processing Speed

  • 3x faster Low Latency EU and Derived Processing Rates

A variety of state-of-the-art Acroamatics PCI form factor TM acquisition, formatting, and processing modules provide a scalable, integrated low latency card embedded processor framework from which to create the optimum range and engineering lab telemetry processing and data delivery tool. User friendly Acroamatics Telemetry Software Suite desktop tools enable users to set-up TDP processing modules to handle even the most complex PCM formats in real-time with ease, delivering thousands of complex derived polynomial (to 7th order) values and supporting critical safety of range output functions with deterministic reliability and accuracy.

The Model 2900AP is an incredibly effective tool when combined with Acroamatics' Display and Analysis Tool, covered in another newspost.

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