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Delta Info Systems: Delta Digital Video

Today we start a multi part series on the Delta Information Systems family of companies, in which we will examine the capabilities offered by the companies in Australia through SouthTech Systems.

The Companies we represent in the Delta family include GDP Telemetry Systems, focusing in ground based aerospace telemetry systems; Acroamatics, who specialise in high performance, real-time telemetry processing and display; and Delta Digital Video, leading supplier of cutting edge solutions in video compression and scan conversion.

Today we are taking a deeper look into Delta Digital Video, in part to celebrate and promote their new website overhaul. The site is now easier to navigate - with important information much more accessible to the reader and specifications now laid out more efficiently - and has a much more modern, more comfortable feel to it.

Delta Digital Video boasts a long track record of working with military, government, and commercial industry. From the beginning, the founders were involved in the development of standards that have shaped the multimedia environment that exists now. The company works to maintain strict adherence to video and communications standards, meaning that as time goes on, these Delta products will not be rendered inoperable or useless by evolving technology.

Delta's decoder/encoder line features a series of rugged video encoders, designed for airborne, ground-mobile, and shipboard environments. The encoders compress and multiplex sensor video, audio, and metadata for real-time, low latency transmissions to remote stations. The encoders are easily integrated into manned and unmanned platforms, support synchronous and asynchronous KLV metadata and CoT, and can be configured to convert sensor telemetry into KLV encoder metadata. The encoders support single, dual, and multi channel HD and SD formats, and work with multiple compression algorithms.

Delta also offers video distribution systems, ranging from individual modules to 2U rackmount systems; and video-to-video/stroke-to-raster scan conversion.

Delta Digital Video offers complete, cutting edge solutions to encoding, distributing, and handling video, sensor, and metadata. Contact SouthTech Systems for more information.

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