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A Proven History

For more than 40 years the nation’s largest military and commercial organizations have relied on Tracewell Systems to support their mission critical objectives.

These customers turn to Tracewell when they need products, platforms and solutions for a number of scenarios. Tactical environments where size, weight, power and other constraints present challenges that cannot be met by standard computing systems. In the data center where easy integration with third-party technology is necessary or platforms need to accommodate a range of additional specifications. And in sensitive cases where an advanced technology needs to be transformed to meet challenging tactical conditions or urgent mission requirements.

Solving Unsolvable Problems

At Tracewell Systems we’ve built a reputation for stretching the limits of what commercial technology can do – how it can be used and where it can go. 

The ability to solve what most people think of as unsolvable problems is what drives us forward. It’s our heritage. Sometimes we begin by taking the best available commercial technology on the market and modifying it to operate in tactical, space-constrained environments, such as in the air, at sea or on land, in unique fixed or mobile installations. In other cases, our customers come to us with a specific program objective and a disparate set of technology and components and trust us to create a unified platform or capability that delivers results. And then there are the customers who come to us with a seemingly unsolvable problem and rely on Tracewell experience to think through how to make the impossible … possible. It’s who we are and what we do.

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