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Headquartered in Germantown, MD Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. (DRT) designs and manufactures Software Defined Radio (SDR) based technical solutions. Specific areas of expertise include DSP-based receiver design, communication systems theory, PCS/wireless communications, RF and software design.

DRT, Inc. was formed in 1997. Initially located in Frederick, Maryland, DRT moved to Germantown, MD in April 1998. In December 2008 DRT was acquired and is now a subsidiary of The Boeing Company.

Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. (DRT) is the preferred supplier, sought after partner and The Boeing Company 'CENTER OF EXCELLENCE' for leading edge systems. These systems allow our technical partners to dominate the RF spectrum, providing superior performance across multiple platforms and missions.

Our core mission is to continue a 20+ year tradition of supporting our customers around the world by defining the state of the art in Radio Frequency (RF) operations solutions.

Customer Commitment

DRT is committed to enhancing our performance value and service to provide you improved time and profitability to market.


Our Commitment:

  • We identify and understand the needs of our technical partners

  • We are reliable

  • We provide the best price-performance value

  • We provide unmatched service excellence

  • We provide quality solutions

Future Proof Investment

Software-Defined Radios (SDR) allows new waveform protocols and features to be deployed through a software upgrade in the field.


  • Best in industry cost of ownership

    • No maintenance fees

    • 24/7 help with engineering expertise

  • Reduced capital expenditures

    • Single hardware platform

    • Software defined bands and field upgradeable technologies

  • Upgrade your current unit to protect previous investment.


With on-site manufacturing and engineering excellence, DRT is poised to develop and realign business and operational processes to take advantage of new generation offerings and market shifts.

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